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We shall arrange boat rental and organise excursions according to your wishes. We want to provide you with a unique experience in the sea and make your vacation unforgettable, and it is up to you to choose the place and activities that interest you. Our offer includes half-day and one-day excursions with or without a skipper and multi-day boat rental.

We organise the itinerary of the trip according to your wishes. We can stay longer in a place that is interesting to you, and shorter in another place or choose a restaurant for lunch according to your wishes. Boat excursions from Zadar can also be organised with a departure from another place. By prior arrangement, we can pick you up at any of the seaside locations, regardless of whether you are on the island or on land. This way, you will avoid summer crowds and unnecessary stress and take a carefree boat trip.

When it comes to activities, we suggest that you try out activities such as fishing with a rod – "catch and release" or master the school of underwater fishing and diving. Our professional well-trained skippers will guide you through these fun activities, if they are free on your chosen dates.

We offer excursions to the following locations: