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Taxi boat Zadar
Private boat transfer from Zadar

When you want to take a private boat transfer from Zadar or its surroundings to any part of the Zadar archipelago, whether it is the island of Ugljan, the island of Pašman, Dugi Otok, Iž, Rava, Sestrunj, Molat, Silba, Sit, Žut or some other island, we are the solution for you! Also, when you want to return to Zadar from any position in the Zadar archipelago, we are here for you!

New boats, speedboats as well as boats with a cabin in case of rain are at your disposal. The prices of private transfers are calculated at your request depending on the type of vessel, the number of people and the distance to which we need to transport you. In case of bad weather, we have vessels that do not mind windy or rainy weather, such as the Axopar 28 AC or Axopar 29 Cross Cabin vessel, unless it is about conditions that are not suitable for sailing (stormy weather).

Contact us in time to ensure the availability of a certain vessel at the desired time.

Alpha boats Zadar is your safe choice for a carefree summer vacation!